Ice Age Trailing

Updated 12 May 2020

Rough (as usual) ... will cleanup over the winter.  See also - My Collection of IAT Companion Maps/Guides

A log of Ice Age Trail Runs/Hikes.  The plan is to hike all trails and run connecting routes (pavement) over the next few years.  Outings often combine segments and/or connecting routes and may also contain bike-back info and directions as needed.  Information may be useful to others who may be attempting a similar approach.

2020 Planning - TBD 

            Spring:  Marathon, Langlade, Lincoln
            Summer:  Probably need to strap on a pack and finish this
            Fall:  Taylor

2019 Summary - 7 Outings, 65 Miles of IAT.   4 Counties completed!
            Spring:  Polk & Barron
            Summer:  Finished Sheboygan and Fond Du Lac

2017/2018 Summary -  10 Outings, 63 miles of IAT, 1 County Completed (yeesh!)

Winter:  Washington cty
Spring: Polk, Washington, Fond du Lac, Portage, Lincoln
Summer:  Sheboygan, Marathon
Fall:  Taylor

2016 Summary - 10 Outings, 120+ miles of IAT, 3 Counties completed
(92 miles hiking, 28 miles running connecting routes)

Winter:  Toying with idea of winter treks in Waukesha CTY
April/May 2016:  Waukesha, Polk, Lincoln, & Waushara (forgot some roadwork)
June 2016:  Waukesha, Lincoln 
July/August 2016:  None - worked on 14er Project
September/October/November 2016:  Waukesha, Lincoln, Portage & Waupaca

2015 Summary - 14 Outings, 154+ miles of IAT, 4 Counties completed
(81 miles hiking trails, 74 miles running connecting routes)

April 2015 - Waushara 
May 2015 - Hmmm, Uhm, Er - Went backpacking in Grand Canyon
June 2015 - Waushara, Wallworth/Jefferson
July 2015 - None - Worked on 14er Project
August 2015 - Rock, Waushara and last few miles of Green
September 2015 - Lincoln, Jefferson, Walworth/Jefferson
October 2015 - Washara
November 2015 - Marquette County Marathon (28.9 Mile CR)

2014 Summary - 25 Outings, 175+ miles of IAT, 4 Counties completed
(89 miles hiking trails, 85 miles running connecting routes)

April 2014 - Dane County 
May 2014 - Completed Dane, Started Green, Rock, Southern Columbia & Lincoln
June 2014 - Lincoln, but headed back south to Green Cty (too many mosquitoes!)
July 2014 - Started Sauk + time off for 6 14ers in CO
August 2014 - More Sauk 
September 2014 - Northern Columbia
October 2014 - Columbia + Marquette

In an attempt to simplify this page (and this project), I converted the Official 1000-Mile Spreadsheet to a Google doc Spreadsheet and published below - contains logs/maps/plans/artifacts by county.  I also posted my collection of 2011 IAT Companion Guides (PDF) - I print these as 2-sided booklets to carry on the trail or in my running belt.  Slightly outdated, but much lighter/easier than the current guidebook/atlas - also use these as my working segment checklist.

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