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1000 Miler Scoresheet

My original 1000 Miler Log (just in case) - No longer used/maintained - converted to google spreadsheet published on main page

   Log  Miles

X 4/7/2014  Dane Map Connecting Rt (Pt 1)

Run Run with a bike back.  IATA Headquarters in Cross Plains to Old Sauk Pass.   Bike lockup options at future NPS Reserve on Old Sauk Pass.
 4.29   4.29  4.29
 X 4/9/2014  Dane Map Connecting Rt (Pt 2)
+ Valley View Segment
Run Run and bike back.  Old Sauk Pass to and including Valley View Segment.  Moraine Ridge TH has parking lot and posts/signs for bike lockup. 
  4.69  5.29
 X 4/12/2014     Dane
Map Cross Plains Segment    
Hike Loop from IATA Headquarters
 3.1  3.1    
 X 4/12/2014  Dane Map
Indian Lakes Segment    
Loop from dog parking lot
 3.83  3.83    
 X 4/18/2014     Dane Map Connecting Rts
+ Madison Segment
Hike Moraine Ridge Rd to McKee Rd.  Connecting routes plus Madison segment.  Shuttled back!
 5.72  5.72    
 X 4/19/2014  Dane Map Connecting Rt
+ Table Bluff Segment
Hike Hike and bike back.  Cross Plains Hickory Street to and including Table Buff Segment.  Table Bluff north TH had Signpost for bike lockup. 
 4.13  4.13    3.4
 X 4/21/2014  Dane Map Connecting Rt
 Run Run and bike back.  Connecting Rt- Indian Lakes to Table Bluff Trail-head.   Table Bluff north TH has parking lot.  Lots of Bike lockup options @ Indian Lakes parking lot(s).
 4.76   4.76  4.76
 X 4/26/2014  Dane Map
Connecting Rt
+ Verona Segment
Hike Hiked and biked back.  Purcell Rd to Verona Segment via 3 mile Connecting Rt.  Long Day!  IAT is confusing in Verona, lots of connections and spurs - all marked IAT!   ARG!  Should have had bike back map.  Purcell Rd is good car park, McKee Rd had fence for Bike Lockup.
 8.60  8.60    21.6

 X 5/4/2014
Montrose Segment
+ Brooklyn Wildlife Segment  
Hike Hike with a bike back.  Purcell Rd to Hughes Rd.  Hughs Rd parking area has IAT sign fo bike lockup. 
10.88 10.88  
 X 5/8/2014  Dane Map Connecting Rt
Run with a bike back.  Indian Lake parking lot to Lodi Marsh trail-head.  Lots of pavement!  Highway 12 is a PIA!:  hiked the north side following trail left by recent utility trenching, bike back on south side for approx .5 miles.  Unused pedestrian bridge across 12 is w/in view to the east!!!   Looong Run - GPS said 11.9 miles!  Parking lots and bike lockups at Indian Lakes Park or Lodi Marsh TH.
 11.9   11.9  11.9
 X 5/10/2014
& Southern Columbia
Lodi Marsh Segment
+ E Lodi Marsh Segment
+ City of Lodi Segment + Connecting Rt
Hike Hike with bike back.  Lodi Marsh Parking Lot, Lodi Marsh segment was a squishy loop.  Plenty of pavement in Lodi (~5 mi).  City of Lodi Segment is a spur - out on trail, back via Sauk street - Porta-Potties @ Lodi School complex.  Bilkey Road has sign post for bike lockup.  
10.64    5.3
 x 5/22/2014 Southern
& Sauk
Map 1

Map 2
1: South Lake Dr TH, Merrimac Seg to Ferry

2: Merrimac Ferry, Gilbralter & Goves-Pertzborn Segments
Hike Hike with bike back.  South Lake Drive TH to Bilkey Road (bike lockup again).   South Lake Drive requires State Park sticker to park - Devils Lake has office and a self-service set up for park passes, ~3 miles from South Lake TH.  This one required four trips on the Ferry.  Quite a bit of pavement on connecting routes - 2+ miles north of Merrimac and 3+ miles of road south of Gibralter Rock (J) - limited shoulder on roads, lots of trucks on J.
 13.5  13.5    10.5
 X 12/19/2014  Sauk   Gibralter Rock Seg Hike XOut and back from southern parking lot on Hwy V with Barley the grand-dog.  Run-able for a trail runner, but I was happy I skipped it in May - a good hill and some rough terrain  3.62  3.62    
  TBD  Lincoln   Turtle Rock Seg +
Averill-Kelly Creek Seg
Hike Turtle Rock (5.1) + Averill-Kelly Creek Wilderness (4.8) - railed out attempt in late August
 X 5/27/2014  Lincoln Map Connecting Rt (pt 2)
Run Run with shuttle ride!  1/2 of connecting route between Underground and Grandfather Falls Segments.  Tug Lake Parking lot (not far from Hwy 51) to Newwoods County Park north of Merrill.  Parking, Potty, Beach, plenty of bike lockup alternatives at Tug Lake.
 5.8    5.8  
 X 5/28/2014      Lincoln Map Grandfathers Falls Seg
+ North Connecting Rt
Hike Hike with shuttle ride! Grandfather Falls segment and north connecting route via HWY E. Parking at Newwoods Cty Park, east spur Rt was an out/back, nice hike along river north with approx 2 miles of pavement (Hwy 107 to E) 
 6.5  6.5    
 X 6/5/2014  Lincoln Map Connecting Rt (pt 2)    
Run     Run with bike back.  2nd half of connecting route between Grandfather Falls and Underground Segment.  Tug Lake to Underground Seg TH.  MILLIONS of Mosquitoes @ Underground TH.  Dirt road for bike, would be tough on road bike
 4.7    4.7
Same Rt
  TBD  Lincoln   Underground Seg + Connecting Rt + Alta Junction Hike Underground Segment (6.3), Connecting Rt (1.2)  to Alta Junction Seg (1.2)         
 X 6/13/2014   Green Map Connecting Rt
+ Monticello Seg
Run Run with bike back.  Monticello Segment (AKA Badger State Bike trail) to TH @ Hughes Road (southern Brooklyn Wildlife seg TH).  IAT sign at Hughes Rd for Bike lockup.   Parking @ Monticello train station (badger state bike trail) 10.2    10.2  10.2
Same Rt
 X 6/24/2014  Green Map Albany Seg Run Monticello to Albany on Sugar River Bike Trail.  Monticello Bike Trail parking lot on Pratt Road has water restrooms and good bike lockups.  Albany TH has parking and restrooms - @ 4th and Cincinnati.  Good trail, long run - but would have been much looonger hike!  
 9.02   9.02
Same Rt
  TBD      Green
  Connecting Rt
Run Albany to Janesville via Highway - Ugh!  19 Miles!
 X 7/6/2014  Sauk   Devils Lake Seg (pt 1)

Hike Devils Lake Segment TH on 113/DL to South Beach area.  Out and back hike with a buddy. 3.8  7.42
 X 7/8/2014  Sauk   Devils Lake Seg (pt 2) Hike  Devils Lake Segment - South Shore to North Shore on IAT with my lovely wifey.  Out and back hike during a day trip to park  2.9  2.9
 X 8/23/2014  Sauk   Devils Lake Seg (pt 3)
+ Sauk Point Seg
Hike Devil's Lake Segment - North Shore to Sauk Point Segment to Parfreys Glen.  Hike (6.0) with Bike Back 7.0   7.0    6.8
 X 9/2/2014  Sauk Map Connecting Rt Run Connecting Rt (pt 1) Aldo Leopold Center to Parfreys Glen (12.8).  Good parking on both ends - State park sticker required at Parfreys Glen.  Hilly!   Nice day for a pickup - no bike back required!  13.1    13.1  
 X 10/11/2014 Sauk
Map Connecting Rt
+ Portage Canal Seg
Run Aldo Leopold Legacy Center (nice place!) to Portage (9.2) to Portage Canal Segment (2.8) to Indian Agency House.  Good Parking (w/ Bike Rack) at Aldo Leopold Foundation on Levee Road.   Shuttled back(!) - would have gone opposite direction, Portage to Aldo Leopold Center, if Bike Back was required.  Urban Portage is a tad confusing - My Turn-by-turn Sheet
 12.5    12.5  
 X 10/26/2014
Columbia & Marquette
Connecting Rt Run Portage to John Muir Park  - Yeeesh!  BUT ... with a shuttle!  No Bike back required!   End of Columbia County!
 12.3    12.1  
 X 10/26/2014
Marquette   John Muir Park Seg
John Muir Park Segment with a hiking partner!  Nice county park, restrooms, no parking permit required.  Plenty of Bike lockup possibilities
 1.68  1.68    
Marquette   Connecting Rt
John Muir Park to Westfield (17.5, ugh)
  Connecting Rt
Westfield to Chaffee Creek Segment
  Chaffee Creek Seg
+ Wadde Creek Seg
Chaffee Creek Segment + Small Connecting Rt + Wedde Creek Segment (~4.8)
  Connecting Rt
Wedde Creek Segment to Mecan River Segment (~3.1)
  Mecan River Segment
Mecan River Segment and Greenwood Segment with small connecting rts (~11.2)

 Totals (to Date)  178.6