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Wisconsin Ice Age Trail Maps, Guides & Tools

This page contains a random collection of links, maps, companion guides and such - used on my Ice Age Trail Hikes/Runs

Google Sheets Version of some collateral from IAT Website - a little more handy than MS Excel
  1. 2014 IAT Thousand Miler Spreadsheet is HERE.  Basically converted Thousand-Miler spreadsheet [MS Excel] that posts.  Please make a copy ('add to my drive') if you'd like to use.
  2. Corrections and Changes SINCE 2014 Guidebook - Spreadsheet.  gdocs version of spreadsheet with updates and corrections to the Trail [MS Excel]
  3. Camping options along IAT - Feb 2016 spreadsheet.  Gdocs version of camping options on and near the Trail [MS Excel] from IAT site.
  4. Interesting spreadsheet with all sorts of handy info by segment/area (food, lodging, water ...).  Converted Guidebook criteria sortable by segment [MS Excel] from IAT

IAT Companion Guide PDFs posted below are from 2011, but are very useful on the trail - nicer maps and more concise directions.  I print the companion guide map full-size/landscape, then create a 2-sided booklet with remainder of PDF (pages 2-end).  The booklet is easier to carry in running belt or pocket.   IAT Companion Guides ARE out of date and no longer available on official IAT site that I could see.  There are also PDF annotations and IAT corrections in the guides that are highlighted/easy to see on the computer screen, but difficult to pick-out when printed black&white, so be careful. 

I also use these booklets like score-cards as I clip off segments county by county.  I will try to note changes, observations or gotcha's as I use these to hike the trails.  You will probably still need to buy the current (2014) Atlas and Guide from the Ice Age Trail Alliance or the IAT Smartphone app if you want to hike a significant portion (not sure I agree with this!).

Work in Process:  Slowly working through maps (from east to west).  Will also attempt to note any changes I notice during planning/hiking using booklets based on 2011 Guides vs 2014 Guidebook/Atlas vs actual trail experiences

 Map & Companion Guide
 (downloadable PDF)
 County  2011 Mileage  2014 Mileage  Status  Notes
 1318449778_Series_D_Indianhead_INT.pdf   Burnette & Polk 54.7 Miles Trails
7.5 Connecting Routes
57.1 Miles Trails
7.3 Connecting Routes
Couple of new segments added near St Croix Falls and one one far east side of Polk county since 2011 Companion Guide. Not hard to follow, but a few more miles. 
 1320790863_Series_D_BlueHills_SupLobe_INT.pdf   Barron & Washburn

37.7 Miles Trails
10.7 Connecting

14.8 Miles Trails
17.4 Connecting Routes
 41.8 Miles Trails
10.5 Connecting Routes

16.5 Miles Trails
7.5 Connecting
 In Process  
 1318449720_Series_D_Chippewa_INT.pdf   Chippewa 20.1 Miles Trails
39.1 Connecting Routes
 21.3 Miles Trails
3.6 Connecting Routes
 1318449757_Series_D_HighPoint_INT.pdf   Taylor 62.8 Miles Trails 
22.1 Connecting Routes
63 Miles Trails
24 Connecting Routes
 1318449889_Series_D_Northwoods_INT.pdf   Lincoln 51 Miles Trails
16.2 Connecting Routes
49.1 Miles Trails
16.2 Connecting Routes
 In Process

 Companion Guide works fine.  Mileage slightly updated in 2014 Guidebook.
 1318449821_Series_D_Langlade_INT.pdf  Langlade 51.9 Miles Trails
28.1 Connecting Routes
52 Miles Trails
28.7 Connecting Routes
 1318449840_Series_D_Marathon_INT.pdf  Marathon 18.2 Trail miles:
25.8 Connecting Routes
 20.4 Miles Trails
23.0 Connecting Routes
 In Process  
 Portage & Waupaca 17.9 Miles Trails
32.9 Connecting Routes
19.0 Miles Trails
32.9 Connecting Routes
 Completed  Companion guides worked fine.  Milage slightly updated in 2014 Guidebook.
 1318449869_Series_D_Marquette_Waushara_INT.pdf  Waushara    

19.5 Miles Trails
20.3 Connecting Routes

1.6 Miles Trails
30.2 Connecting Routes
19.6 Miles Trails
20.3 Connecting Routes

1.7 Miles Trails
30.8 Connecting Routes

 Companion Guide worked fine.  Mileage slightly updated in 2014 Guidebook.
 1318449681_Series_D_Bboo_Heritage_Lodi_INT.pdf  Northern Columbia


 Southern Columbia

7.1 Miles Trails
10.4 Connecting Routes

18.6 Miles Trails
15.6 Connecting Routes

8.2 Miles Trails
6 Connecting Routes
2.9 Miles Trails
14.7 Connecting Routes

23 Miles Trails
19.1 Connecting Routes

11.8 Miles Trails
5.6 Connecting Routes
 Completed  Seemed to have lost a segment since 2011, follow 2014 Guidebook for Northern Columbia CTY around Portage.

2014 Guidebook interleaved IAT Western Bifurcation, compare/review.  Bifurcation was separate section in 2011.

Guibralter Rock Segment is not in the 2011 Companion Guide.  I missed it on first pass
 1329341010_Series_D_Dane_Green_INT.pdf  Dane

31.3 Miles Trails
32.2 Connecting Routes

15.8 Miles Trails
Connecting Routes
30.3 Miles Trails
30.3 Connecting Routes

15.9 Miles Trails
6.9 Connecting Routes
 Completed  Companion Guide worked fine.  Mileage slightly updated in 2014 Guidebook
 1320790313_Series_D_Rock_WalJeff_INT.pdf  Rock

 Jefferson & Walworth
21.8 Miles Trails
28.6 Connecting Routes

20.4 Miles Trails
4.9 Connecting Routes
22 Miles Trails
26.8 Connecting Routes

20.3 Trail Miles
4.9 Connecting Routes
 Completed  Companion Guides worked fine.  Mileage slightly updated in 2014 Guidebook

30 Miles Trails
5.8 Connecting Route
38.7 Trail Miles
6.0 Connecting Routes
Went a bit off trail on the Heartland Segment, poorly marked trails *and* a correction in companion guide that I missed.  Mileage slightly updated in 2014 Guidebook

 Washington34.1 Miles Trails
10.5 Connecting Routes
35.2 Trail Miles
9.4 Connecting Routes
 CompletedWell marked, nice hikes! 

Maps From Chapter:
 Fond du Lac &   Sheboygan


Kewaunee & Door

28.5 Trail Miles
10.9 Connecting Routes

24.8 Trail Miles
43.8 Connecting Routes

35.5 Trail Miles
39.3 Connecting Routes
29.7 Trail Miles
10.0 Connecting Routes

27.3 Trail Miles
42.3 Connecting Routes

31.0 Trail Miles
42.5 Connecting Routes
 In Process